Pomegranate’s Juicy Tale


Pomegranate a super food

Pomegranates are the Season's favorite fruit, ripe with a nutritious goodness that stirs up passion and gets our blood pumping. While nibbling on its red, perfectly sweet with a hint of tartness, succulent seeds produces a sensory delight with health benefits, the seed oil itself contributes to skin wellness. It is an essential ingredient in our FRESH FACE POMEGRANATE FACIAL MOISTURIZER.

The “Fruit of Life” rich lore and mythology may be a mind opener of global proportions. Reflecting on the pomegranate's intimate portrait, painted vividly by the human history, we may come to a realization that humanity shares within cross-currents of its cultural diversity a universal, tender and endearing affection for the "apple of many seeds". In many parts of the world, across the wide spectrum of societies and traditions, beloved pomegranate is celebrated in legends, myths, rites and rituals.

According to the myth, it was Aphrodite herself, the Greek goddess of love, who planted the first pomegranate tree. It is the pomegranate that claims the notoriety to be the original divine edible in the Garden of Eden. Native of the ancient Near East, praised as sacred, the heavenly fruit was and still is considered a potent symbol of fertility, sexuality, birth and abundance that ensures romantic bliss, longevity and renewal.

Hailed in literature, immortalized in the textile patterns and various design narratives worldwide, this creativity-nurturing fruit reveals and mirrors back to us our basic desire for happiness and fulfillment. And by focusing on a simple, yet unifying story of the juicy pomegranate we illuminate our collective heritage, an appreciation of which potentially and ultimately is a path to harmony amongst us.