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Pomegranate’s Juicy Tale


Pomegranate a super food Pomegranates are the Season’s favorite fruit, ripe with a nutritious goodness that stirs up passion and gets our blood pumping. While nibbling on its red, perfectly sweet with a hint of tartness, succulent seeds produces a sensory delight with health benefits, the seed oil itself contributes to skin wellness. It is Pomegranate’s Juicy Tale

Meet Our New Trio!

Featured image of Autumn Sangria, Pomegranate and Pumpkin Spice

Fall is here. The air is crisp. The leaves are about to change color, and school is back. Come by our store to discover our new collection, bursting with scents in harmony with the season. Fall in love with our irresistible trio of Autumn Sangria, Pomegranate, and Pumpkin Spice in a variety of beauty products Meet Our New Trio!

Benefits of Aromatherapy

Benefits of aromatherapy featured image

Our bodies have 400 types of scent receptors that can detect a large number of different odors, which is more than the number of receptors we have for other senses: sight has 4 receptors, taste has 4, touch has 4 main receptors, and hearing is based on touch due to the ear hairs acting as Benefits of Aromatherapy

Calendula to the Rescue!

calendula infused herbal oil products

GARDENER’S TALE – CALENDULA TO THE RESCUE Meet our Garden Fairies. Calendula has arrived at Cynplicity, and we are excited about our star ingredient, featured in our bath and beauty products. And if you’re a gardener, Calendula maybe blooming in your garden. Whether you have a green thumb or not, you’ve probably heard of this Calendula to the Rescue!