Benefits of Aromatherapy

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Our bodies have 400 types of scent receptors that can detect a large number of different odors, which is more than the number of receptors we have for other senses: sight has 4 receptors, taste has 4, touch has 4 main receptors, and hearing is based on touch due to the ear hairs acting as receptors. A person can distinguish several smells, even if he or she doesn’t have the words to describe them. Scent-triggered memories are thus more moving than others.


As perceived in the use of perfumes, scent can convey everything from longing to authority, liveliness to relaxation. Accordingly, scent is extremely important in attracting two people; the genes that make up our immune system produce our body odor and help us subconsciously choose our partners.


Mood influences thinking, which often leads to observable behavior. A positive mood often means higher levels of creativity – including creative problem solving – increased productivity, performance, and the tendency to help others. Pleasant ambient odors also enhance attentiveness during tedious tasks, stimulating higher self-efficacy and spurring people to set higher goals, and to make more efficient work strategies compared to those in a no-odor condition. Conversely, negative moods and bad smells impair judgments, diminish a tolerance for frustration, and decrease prosocial behavior.

Don’t be fooled in thinking that if something is natural, it’s ok to use in any and every situation. Essential oils can be quite powerful!


Due to the strength and the fact that using too much can trigger sensitivities and cause adverse health effects, essential oils must be diluted with a carrier oil before being used on the body, depending upon the particular properties of the oil. Before use, it is imperative that the properties of the particular oil are understood by the user, as sometimes there are contraindications against combining the use of particular essential oils and certain prescription medications.

The end result of using the oil depends on the amount used. It is safest to start with smaller amounts than higher. Oil combinations used in a diffuser, in a cosmetic or a soap can enhance our lives in a small way every day. I consider them a gift from mother nature!